free shipping bach trumpet professional trumpet B the trumpet Double silver

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Brand: BachModel: the TR – 190 gs (Bach new upgrade version)Material: gold, copperBell: 125 mmML diameter: 11.65 mmSurface treatment: double silver platingPacking: high-grade wooden light body …

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free shipping bach trumpet professional trumpet B the trumpet Double silver plated musical instrument trumpet


Brand: Bach
Model: the TR – 190 gs (Bach new upgrade version)
Material: gold, copper
Bell: 125 mm
ML diameter: 11.65 mm
Surface treatment: double silver plating
Packing: high-grade wooden light body bag
Origin: Taiwan
Warranty: two years warranty, life-long maintenance


TR – 190 gs trumpet is Bach salma company according to the Asian players newly developed a high-end trumpet moderate weight type, take the lead in adopting lead-free environmental protection welding technology exquisite, choose 0.5 mm high quality gold copper bell mouth pure handmade molding.Pronunciation is agile, plus professional package volume reinforcement technology, make this trumpet sound more plump!Piston choose monel material, imported precision cylindrical grinding machine grinding, make its sensitivity is beyond your imagination!!!!!TR – 190 gs medium weight small is more suitable for solo concert is Bach and 180 series of upgrade products, is the representative work of Bach salma company for 14 years!!!!!
























The founder of Bach (Bach) pipe Vincent Bach trumpet player in the United States.Brass instrument production.The first a little bugler, a former Boston symphony orchestra.In New York City in 1919 set up factories, the first production, mouth, then make the trumpet, cornet, and other brass instruments.Factory in 1962 moved to indiana eckhart city.In 1994 set up factories in Taiwan and mainland students.Excellent product quality, sound plump, professionals in the world, is the most popular brand brass instruments.


Trumpet in peacetime maintenance methods:

1. Trumpet after use, must first clear water inside the tube, and can press the piston shuttlecocks, smooth flow, tuning out pipe, the water is clean, the main tuning duct water can be made of the drain discharge.
2. The piston is key to often some brass piston oil.We know that the piston making is very sophisticated, both to ensure no leakage, and to ensure the flexible, too loose too close is not, in general the clearance between the piston and cylinder piston only six way around, which is six percent of the 1 mm.Flexible, convenient and piston made to the brass material is very thin, hardness is limited, can not stand any impact and knock against.Therefore, take extra care when we lubricate the piston.
3. Particular way is to unscrew the top of the piston cylinder at the top of the screw and piston vertically out slowly around the piston of a drop of piston oil, then slowly down into it.Should pay attention to when loading the piston, piston cylinder with a positioning groove, others are two positioning gap, some is a positioning hole, slot is a step, or gaps to alignment slot or gap, while loading rotation into, don’t too hard to hit the steps, so as not to cause the piston key in and out of the difficult, difficult to use.After install, shuttlecocks has been settled, don’t turn around, can press up and down keys several times, the complete oil evenly coated on the piston, is more flexible to use.It should be noted that if long-term neglect lubricate the piston, the piston will appear dry, up and down is not flexible.
4. Besides, we give the piston oil, only on the brass piston oil are small liquid oil, because the oil is special, more diluted, viscosity, key is more flexible to use.
5. When the piston activities will increase resistance, reflect the slow, sometimes even can’t afford to.More can’t go to cooking oil.So be earnestly, both to properly oiling, and to put on a regular basis.Generally the last three days to a week.Tuning the pipe cleaning and maintenance once half a month.Square method is to press the key tuning out tube, the inner tube with ramrod wrap cloth outside the pipe should be cleaned up, and then put some vaseline, lubricating grease on the tube, single tube in the turning to first, make a good contact with oil, both single pipe rotation after lubrication, the two tube inserted at the same time a few times.Note, tuned pipe materials for copper, although the corrosion resistance, but also is limited, can not stand long residual acid water erosion, if do not pay attention to maintenance, will accelerate the corrosion rate of tube son, especially pronunciation tube, shorten the service life of the instrument, so after each use to clean up the moisture of the tube.
No. 6. A mouth to often to wash, maintain clean sanitation.Drain to regular cleaning, prevent dirt jam and accelerate the rate of corrosion.Thoroughly maintenance once a month.Method is to take out the cover and piston before and after all, don’t pay attention to the piston to handle with care, don’t knock against, and then use clean cloth to wrap on the cleaning rod, don’t show metal parts, 



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