High grade clarinet

$ 210,00

 Rp guitar nut nationalisation ballads strings pillow 80 3 9 lengthen ,US$ 44.38/lot5 pieces / lot Folk guitar string cone luxury bone string inlaying 3mm abalone shell 6US$ 81.04/lot5 …

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High grade clarinet 2000S


Rp guitar nut nationalisation ballads strings pillow 80 3 9 lengthen ,

US$ 44.38/lot
5 pieces / lot


Folk guitar string cone luxury bone string inlaying 3mm abalone shell 6

US$ 81.04/lot
5 pieces / lot


Rp guitar nut nationalisation string pillow 80 3 9 , lengthen ,

US$ 47.44/lot
5 pieces / lot


Folk guitar string cone top ebony string 4mm abalone shell brasen 6

US$ 84.10/lot
5 pieces / lot






Flat:Bb    17 Key

Material:Hard rubber body

Material: synthetic wood (containing 85% ebony powder)

Surface treatment: Silver

Product advantages:

1. before shipment we have professional technicians for your selection and commissioning, product quality assurance at the same time, also can solve you cannot personally selected product concerns.

2.CNC machining center CNC precision fabrication holes, a molding, ultra smooth tone holes, the air tightness is very good.

3. high-grade adjustable hand support, according to his own hand to adjust, super good feel let you play.

The 6 interface cork for foreign imported products, good air tightness, durable.

4. button adopts high hardness alloy, not easy to deformation.

5 pipe adopts the synthetic wood material, containing up to 85% ebony powder, in tone can be achieved almost ebony tube body level.

6 the clarinet imported Italy L.Pisoni music center key pad, using today’s Clarinet most advanced baking mat no indentation technique, to avoid because of damp deformation caused by the leakage.

The 10 is equipped with a 62mm and 65mm two two festival, let you at any temperature, humidity can be adjusted to the standard sound of musical instrument.

7. an international quality caring, practical special accessories.

With 12 patent luggage, the luggage adopts a new synthetic material surface treatment, with fur luster, luxurious quality, in addition, for better care of instruments, all of this series of bags, are put through a static pressure test, impact test, throwing resistance test, as well as transport mimicry environment simulation test, anti static Rick reached 100 pound above, not because the transportation process instrument damage caused.

Official standard:

1 clarinet for a large bag

2 using a manual

3 warranty card

4 Certificate of inspection





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Body Material

Hard Rubber

Surface Material

Nickel Silver

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